Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WOW, what gorgeous weather! It's temperate enough to use window fans, which is good because our A/C is kaput. Mark is hoping that the guy from Utility Company can come and recharge the air conditioner tomorrow.

That will be great, PROVIDED that he can get here during the time of day that my Orthopedist's appointment ISN'T. This is the pre-surgery appointment, so it's not something I can reschedule.

Mark's goal, which I can well appreciate, is to have the A/C back up and running by the time I have my surgery, so the immediate aftermath of the surgery doesn't involve recuperating in a house that feels like an oven. (To give you an idea of what it's been like in here, it was 84 degrees in here all day yesterday.)

The only issue I have with this whole thing is I wish we had a bit more leeway as far as scheduling the tech to come see the A/C goes. The house has been hot for a few weeks now. It's a bummer that this particular goal (having a functioning air conditioner in time for the surgery aftermath) wasn't set several days ago.

But what's done is done. At least the weather's cooperating now, and with any luck it won't be obscenely hot in the next few days. The forecasts on weather.com look promising, at least as far as the temperatures for the next week or so are concerned.

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