Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 3 without anti-inflammatory meds = Gabey's not feeling so good. Actually, the problem is that it's NIGHT 3 without anti-inflammatory meds and my knee is complaining all over the place. Crud.

I'll look at the bright side. Only one more day (and night) of this aggravation to go, and then actual HEALING can start. Sure, it'll feel worse for a while right after the surgery, but at least it'll get BETTER from there. Unlike, say, NOW when my only options are "stay the same", which is not an acceptable answer, and "deteriorate further", which is even LESS acceptable.

The knee is probably never going to be 100% again. 14 years of living with accident-induced wear-and-tear have probably seen to that, even without the more recent mishap six weeks ago. But if the long-term end result is a better knee than I'm dealing with right now, then I will consider myself to have come out ahead of the game.

Of course, in the really, REALLY short term, what I'd like is to get a decent night's sleep. I hope that doesn't prove too elusive of a goal.

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