Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow. EXHAUSTION. After a chaotic day yesterday, today all I want to do is sleep. This has become a somewhat consistent trend in the past few weeks,that if I have a day of heavy activity, the next day I feel extremely drained.

Also, welcome to Sore-Throatville. Population: me. My suspicion is that all this is connected to the relapse of flu symptoms that cropped up a couple weeks ago, and which have not entirely subsided even now.

In better news, even in my current somnolent state, I still managed to FINALLY eradicate the cell phone issues that have been plaguing me since March. I decided to reload a really old backup file from February, to see if I could get rid of whatever was causing the device to freeze up repeatedly. I backed up my current contacts and calendar info, reloaded the February backup content, and gave the phone a workout. Even while doing the things that I know have caused the phone to lock up in the past few weeks, the phone performed like a champ. So at that point, I reloaded the current contacts and calendar information, and bingo. It's up to date on all counts AND it works as well as it did when I first got it. :o)

I'm not entirely sure what got corrupted over the past few weeks, that caused the problems to begin. Whatever it was, the problem seems to be gone. Thank goodness for old backup files. I normally only keep the past three days' worth of backups, but for some reason, I noticed that I had an oldie from February on my storage card, so I thought, "What the heck? Let's see if it helps", and it did. Experimenting is good.

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