Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OK. Just how foolish does a person have to be, to be days away from making a guilty plea for credit card fraud, and to STEAL ANOTHER CREDIT CARD in the meantime?

Kirsch allegedly ripped off another credit card

by brian x. mccrone / metro philadelphia

MAY 29, 2008

PHILADELPHIA. Jocelyn Kirsch, the former Drexel University student infamous n for her obsessions with stealing people’s credit cards and taking photographs in bikinis, was back in federal court yesterday for allegedly stealing another credit card while out on bail.

Kirsch, 23, allegedly stole the card in the last few weeks from an acquaintance in California, where she is living temporarily with her mother and stepfather. She was forced to fly back across the country for the hearing yesterday. Federal Judge Lynne Sitarski ordered her into 24-hour house arrest until her plea hearing next Thursday.

Kirsch is expected to plead guilty at that hearing to federal charges of identity theft in excess of $120,000, court officials said yesterday.

And while the once excessively camera-friendly college girl has allegedly held tightly to her affinity for stealing, she has definitely lost her love for the camera.

The slender, black-haired Kirsch avoided all the television crews and newspaper photographers stationed outside at the federal courthouse on Market Street.

Dressed in a baggy, gray hooded University of Pennsylvania sweatshirt and black velour pants, she was led into the courtroom in handcuffs by U.S. marshals and waited more than 30 minutes through other prisoners’ hearings.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Lappen would not release details of the most recent identity theft charge, saying only that the new theft occurred while Kirsch has been out on bail and staying with her mother in Novato, Marin County, Calif.

“She didn’t know the victim well,” Lappen said, though he wouldn’t say whether the victim was a co-worker at Starbucks or a neighbor. “I can say...Jocelyn Kirsch had allegedly stolen another credit card and made additional purchases.”

Commit the same crime you were already arrested for, while you're out on bail and awaiting sentencing. Yeah, that should convince the judge to be lenient.

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