Saturday, May 03, 2008

The latest from the Evil Non-Genius files:

Man Tries to Cash $36 Billion Check

Texan tries to cash $360bn cheque

The 10 zeros proved to be a stumbling block

A man in the US state of Texas has been arrested for allegedly trying to cash a cheque for $360bn (£182bn).

Charles Ray Fuller had said he wanted to start a record business, authorities in the state said.

The 21-year-old's attempt to cash the money in a bank in Fort Worth failed when staff spotted the 10 zeros on the personal cheque.

Mr Fuller was arrested on a charge of forgery and was released on bail of $3,750 (£1,900).

$1m scams

The man from North Texas said he had been given the cheque by his girlfriend's mother.

The bank said it had contacted the account owner and had been told she had not given Mr Fuller permission to either take or cash the cheque.

Fort Worth police said Mr Fuller also faced charges of unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing cannabis.

Officers said a small amount of cannabis and a .25-calibre pistol were found in his pocket.

In October last year a man in the city of Pittsburgh was arrested after he handed over a counterfeit $1m bill to a cashier at a supermarket and asked for change.

Three years earlier a woman was arrested after trying to use a fake $1m bill at a supermarket in Georgia.

How's this for a bargain? In this story, we get three Einsteins for the price of one! There's nothing like the special combination of greedy, dishonest, and DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS to make the other convicts in jail point and laugh when the offender walks by.

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