Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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My SSP Application is filled out and emailed back to the coordinators of the Deaf-Blind Camp. I will be carpooling with one fellow volunteer on the way down, and with a different one on the way home. Lookin' good! :)

For my next task, I need to update my "interpreter" wardrobe. All sign language interpreters need to wear solid colors, as patterns are visually distracting. Then they have to choose colors that are easy on the eyes, as well as being a good contrast with their skin tone. For someone like me, that means purple, dark blue, dark green, black, brown, etc. For someone with dark skin, that would mean white, light grey, beige, or pastel colors.

Bright stuff like red, orange, day-glo colors, or shiny material are out. They're too visually distracting.

BTW, one might think, "Hello, this is a deaf-BLIND camp we're talking about. Why the emphasis on dressing in the same color schemes as one would wear when interpreting for sighted Deaf consumers?" Well, first of all, some of the deaf-blind attendees might still have enough residual vision to see signing. Wearing clothes that are a bad choice for interpreting would hamper their ability to do so, even more than it would for a person with no vision loss. Second of all, there will be sighted volunteers, both Deaf and hearing, at the camp. Wearing appropriate clothing will have mercy on THEIR eyes, as well.

I am SO looking forward to this camp! I'm even more enthused since there isn't going to be an AADB convention until 2010. ARRRGH, was I ever not happy to find THAT out. :o( Four years between AADB conventions makes for one sad Gabey. I'm glad there are other volunteer opportunities like this for me to attend between now and then.

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