Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I posted on May 1 that an erroneous automated payment went out of my bank account, for a mortgage that had been paid off about three days earlier. When I phoned the bank, they said that the money would be refunded to me within ten business days.

Fast-forward until today. I still haven't received anything from them, and it's been nearly a month. I called the bank again. I was assured that they mailed out a check on May 20, and that I should be receiving it some time this week.

On the one hand, GOOD, the money they should never have removed from my account is coming back to me. On the other hand, WHY is it legal for them to SIT ON MY FREAKING MONEY for 20 days before taking action to send it back to me? Why couldn't they just make an automated PAYMENT into my account to counteract the automated withdrawal that they took out? Heck, what happened to that "ten business days" promise, anyway? That promise turned out to be full of hot air.

If I had sat on THEIR money for 20 days, I'd have been inundated with phone calls, letters, and threats against my credit rating for being late in paying them. But apparently when THEY take their dear sweet time paying money they owe ME, that's OK.

Like I said... GRRR

The good news is, at least the darn check will be here before long, so that chapter can be closed once and for all.

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