Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We have a couple of blue mesh laundry baskets which are, except for the color, rather like the one in this photo. This morning, we have one with some laundry in it that's ready to be taken downstairs to the washing machine. (I can't carry a regular plastic laundry basket on stairs anymore; I'm always afraid that my knee is about to give way and send me, the regular laundry basket, and the laundry all tumbling down the stairs.)

Anyway, I noticed, on my way to use the necessary, that the laundry basket was lying on its side and a couple articles of clothing had spilled out. So I stood it up again and dropped the stray garments back in.

I thought it felt unusually heavy when I set it upright. On a whim, I stuck my hand straight down into the laundry. Sure enough, somebody fuzzy was in there.

"Mrrrrrp!" With a half-chirp, half-purr, Captain's face popped up from under the clothes that had covered him when I righted the overturned mesh basket.

"Get outta there, you silly cat. You're not laundry!" In response, he sprang lightly out of the basket with a maneuver that ballet dancers everywhere would envy. Then he sulked his way down the steps because Mean Ol' Meowmy wouldn't let him nest in the laundry basket.

Bad kitty. Good thing he's cute. :o)

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