Thursday, May 08, 2008

Aunt Phyllis was admitted to the hospital again today, per her doctor's orders. Or at least, that's what they were planning to do when I left the ER. As of 4 PM, she hadn't been assigned a hospital room yet. From there, the intent is to transfer her to a nearby facility where they'll provide intense inpatient rehab. I hope they can get her strength back to at least somewhere close to what it was before she originally got sick a few weeks ago. Today was the first time I really saw how much difficulty she is having with things like going from a seated to a standing position. It's not THAT long ago that she was able to do that without anywhere near the level of difficulty she's having now. :o(

Which reminds me that my mother-in-law is also trying to regain lost physical strength. She has a physical therapist coming to the house, which is good since right now there's no easy or safe way to get her OUT of the house. She can't stand unaided and using stairs is out of the question. She needs to lean on a walker or on a person in order to stand up. One of her physical therapy assignments is to stand up, though. She leans on the walker and stands multiple times per day. I hope she can get her leg muscles built back up. Even if she continues to need a walker, if she's able to go back to using that instead of using the wheelchair exclusively it will be an improvement.

So far it's been a day full of things that were tough to see and are tough to think about. :o(

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