Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's a first, at least in my experience.

There was an ebay auction I was curious about. It had to do with a wireless card that was compatible with a certain kind of not-so-common device that I have (as a collector of obscure, interesting-to-me gadgets).

I have one certain brand of wireless card for the device, but the "buy it now" price in this auction was reasonable enough to attract my notice. The thing is, I don't care how reasonable the price is; if it's the same kind of card that I already have, I wouldn't want to buy a second one. If it's a different kind of wireless card, particularly one that I've already got drivers for, then yeah. I'd be interested.

Nowhere in the auction itself did it mention the brand name or the model number of the wireless card. So I emailed the seller and asked for that information, stipulating that I wanted to make sure that I didn't already own the same type of card that was on auction.

Here's the response I got.

Dear gabey8,

This information is half the battle and we are here to make money so we
will not answer this question.

Um, say what? You're here to make money so you won't tell me what exactly it is you're trying to sell to me? What the Sam Hill kind of logic is THAT?

You go ahead and make money, pal. None of the money you make will be extracted from MY wallet, however. I'll save my business for the people who are open and honest about the items they're selling.

I've made the proverbial Mental Note of this seller's user ID, and I won't be giving any of his auctions a second glance in the future. His loss.

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