Monday, May 05, 2008

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OK, here is some logic I am having serious issues with.

The Daily News has an article today, describing how the vermin who murdered the cop last weekend dressed themselves in Muslim women's garb to conceal their faces and bodies.

Does anyone see the nearly-obscene level of irony contained in the following quote?

Islamic researcher Fareed NuMan said, "They couldn't be practicing Muslims, no way. The Quran forbids a man to imitate a woman."

Ummm... they're BANK ROBBERS. They MURDERED a COP in COLD BLOOD. But the litmus test of whether they're living according to the Quran's dictates is whether they imitate a woman? Hello? How about "They're thieves and murderers"? I would presume that they fell out of compliance with the Quran with THOSE sins, never mind if they were men wearing women's clothing.

::bangs head on desk in frustration::

Quotes like this, which make the priorities of an entire faith appear skewed, do nothing but promote intolerance. If I were a Muslim, I'd have been on the phone to the Daily News offering them negative feedback in no uncertain terms.

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