Monday, April 07, 2008

Why, why, why can't professionals do what they've promised to do in a timely fashion?

Remember that Letter of Satisfaction that I posted about several days ago? I waited nearly an hour on hold so that I could speak to a rep from the Utility Company. They promised to fax the letter to my realtor. Well, did they fax it to YOU? Because that's how they faxed it to the realtor. I can see that today's going to be another day spent on hold with the utility company.

But first, I need a call to my primary care doctor. They tend to play fast and loose with their phone lines, taking them online well after the office has opened in the morning, putting them offline earlier than I'd expect for their lunch break and taking their sweet time about putting them back online again when lunch is over. I requested a prescription refill from these people TEN DAYS ago, via my pharmacy. The Pharmacist is still waiting for a callback. I found this out yesterday afternoon.

So before I grow old and die waiting on hold with the Utility Company, I'm going to have to play "call the doctor's office and get a busy signal five hundred bleeping times before I hear a human being's voice".

Oh, what a fun day this is going to be. Oh, there goes my alarm. It's 3 PM. Time to start calling the doctor's office again -- they're supposed to put the phones back online now. I hope.

If you need me, I'll be on the phone, probably listening to a busy signal (doctor's office) or on-hold music (utility company).

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