Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mark just made catnip tea. (Yes, there is such a thing as herbal tea made of catnip and yes, it's intended for human consumption. :o) ) Stanley has been meowing at him nonstop. Or should I say, he's been mewing at Mark nonstop, since Stanley has a rather high-pitched voice for a grown boycat. The funny part is that, and I've seen cats do this before, when he's vocalizing he's raising his voice in pitch like he's asking a question. So here I sit in the living room, listening to the microwave heat the water and Stanley asking Mark, "Mew? Mewwww?"

Captain and Stanley turned 4 years old on April 8. Obviously, I should have thought to get them teacups as a birthday present. These are the only cats I've ever seen who try to mooch *beverages*. They have fresh water in the basement, and sometimes in the kitchen as well, but let Mark or me take that bottle of water from the fridge and there will be one or two cats right there asking for a share. We don't even have to add catnip to the water for them to ask for some.

I wonder if PetSmart has cat-sized teacups? If not, maybe there's a market niche I can start to fill.

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