Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good news from yesterday. Everything eventually worked out as planned. Most of us (as in all but one buyer) gathered at the real estate office at the originally scheduled time and signed all the settlement paperwork. The one buyer who had a final exam scheduled for yesterday morning made his appearance at the real estate office during the afternoon, at which time HE signed all the requisite paperwork, and the deal was done.

Our real estate agent dropped the check off yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was too late to deposit it yesterday, so the deposit had to wait until today. But all the transactions are accomplished.

All but one, that is. I'm still waiting for part of the report from the bank, containing some really old transactions, so I can see just exactly what Utility Company has received from me and when.

On the part of the report that I have received, I do see one payment, but I'm looking for one more. I know I had two separate, protracted phone conversations with Utility over the past couple years. One of those took place during my lunch hour when I was working at the hospital, and that's the one I haven't found yet. That day, a phone payment took place. The other conversation also included a payment, and that's the one I was able to find on the report.

All I can think of, if the missing part of the report doesn't have a Utility-Company-connected transaction on it, is, "Can it be that they never APPLIED the payment?" Is that possible, that they could go through all the phone transaction motions over the phone and not hit the "Submit" key or whatever equivalent thereof is on their computer screen?

If it is, I'll just tell the title company to pay the remaining amount out of the escrow that was set aside. But I need to see WITH MY OWN EYES whether there's a "missing" transaction or not. So help me, I will go to my grave saying I paid by phone. I don't know what the Sam Hill they did at Utility Company, possibly up to and including not actually TAKING the money, but I will go to my grave saying on MY end of the phone line, I made two phone payments.

One way or another, everything will most definitely be wrapped up within a few days, and then this chapter can be closed.

Except for one small thing. I'd like to see the house once the buyers are done refurbing it and are ready to "flip" it. :o)

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