Monday, April 07, 2008

The good news: it took me less than a half hour to go from "on hold" with the utility company to speaking to a live person. Five minutes later I was being transferred to a different live person, since the first one I got through to couldn't help me, but hey. A live person is a live person.

The not-so-hot news: the second live person, however, who was ostensibly from the correct department, told me something completely different than the one whom I spoke to approximately ten days ago. She said that a fax was sent on March 14. I don't know to whom it was sent or what it was about, but since I didn't call Utility Company until the 28th, I'm thinking that her info is either incorrect or is unrelated to my phone call. Then she said that Utility Company doesn't SEND Letters of Satisfaction. Well, you could have fooled ME, as both my realtor AND the person I spoke to ten days ago said that they do send them. Today's Live Person said that my REALTOR has to call to get a particular proof of payment form filled out and sent to the title company. There isn't even one SYLLABLE in common between the information this lady told me today, and what the other person told me on March 28.

So I called the realtor back. It's her freaking DAY OFF, but she's calling Utility Company to scorch an ear or two and get something accomplished.

Oh, the stupendous incompetence of Utility Company! If brains were leather, they wouldn't have enough resources on hand to saddle a junebug. I went through the runaround with these people a few years ago (remember that disputed bill I mentioned, back in my March 28 post on this subject?) and apparently my subconscious mind blocked out the trauma I went through getting everything resolved. Or at least, I THOUGHT it was resolved, until now when I find out that the title company was never notified that All Is Well. I'd forgotten just how abysmally frustrating it is to deal with this utility company.

I'm trying not to torment myself with the knowledge that these uncaring, lazy, incompetents have full-time jobs while I'm on a job search. It just raises my blood pressure... and that's not a good idea, because I'm still waiting for my doggoned BP prescription to be refilled. Phooey.

Now I'm waiting for *two* phone calls; I hope I get some productive responses when the doctor's office AND the realtor call back.

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