Monday, April 21, 2008

Notice the upper-left-hand corner. I've actually had an account on Twitter for a while, but I never did anything with it. That is, not until I got some emails that a few people had subscribed to my Twitter feed. Surprise! It's kind of like a micro-sized, instantaneous blog post. So, since it's extremely easy to update via cell phone, I decided to use Twitter's ability to display the latest post(s) on the blog. I noticed some unused real estate in the upper left corner of the blog, so I figured that was the logical place to put it.

This is good, because sometimes it's easier to send out a mini-post, like the ones on Twitter which have a 140-character limit, when there's something small-yet-significant I want to say. But when I REALLY want to comment on something, the obvious solution is to post to the blog, not to Twitter. Now I can have both of those things available right here on the blog, and people don't have to hit multiple web pages. :o)

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