Saturday, April 26, 2008

I don't believe this. I REALLY don't believe this.

The Salvation Army was supposed to send their truck to us first thing this morning, after last week's failed effort to get their truck up the small street to PICK UP DONATED FURNITURE.

They were supposed to send a smaller truck and/or a more experienced driver. The manager that Mark spoke to even said that HE would drive the truck.

Well, I've been down for the count with flu for the past few days. I actually spent a good 80% of the past 24 hours asleep. So Mark went to the other house without me.

I got a call here at 9 AM. The Caller ID said Salvation Army, so I picked up. "We can't fit the truck up your street", said a lady who was calling from their offices. "You'll have to call on Monday to reschedule."

"WHAT? We close on the house on TUESDAY. We don't have the time to spare."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, there's nothing else I can do."

I bit my tongue. Having worked in a call center, I know better than to take out my ire on the person bearing the bad news. I wasn't about to become this lady's Harridan of the Day. "Call my husband on his cell phone at [number]. He's the one at the house."

She agreed to do that, and we hung up.

I waited a little while, to give them time to have whatever conversation was going to take place, then called Mark's cell phone.

The call went directly to voice mail. This means one of two things -- either he's currently using the phone, or the phone is off.

I left a message, in the hopes that I was getting his voice mail due to Option A.

But I called every few minutes thereafter, to no avail. Voice mail, voice mail, voice mail. So I called my parents, who live a block from the other house. To make a long story less long, My dad went down to see what was going on.

Mark's phone was off. The Salvation Army driver did not go and knock on the door and tell him, personally, that they couldn't fit the truck up the street.

Now we're trying to get hold of the real estate agent, to keep them apprised of what's going on, as we have to have the furniture out of there by Tuesday. GEEZE OH freaking MAN.

Oh, and I have jury duty Monday. What fantastic timing.

P.S. I still maintain, as I did at this time LAST week when we went through the same rigamarole with the Salvation Army truck, that MOVING VANS fit up that small street.

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