Monday, April 28, 2008

Good news -- not only was I able to reschedule the jury duty, but except for one bit of paperwork that I'm hoping I'll get hold of tomorrow, everything is ready for settlement tomorrow.

The bit of paperwork involves a printout from the bank that goes back more than two years, which unfortunately I had to order because of the length of time I want to go back. The contents of the report should prove, once and for all, that I resolved the Utility Bill dispute when I said I did. Then I'll get the Letter of Satisfaction, and that will be that.

If the information's not in hand by the time we make settlement tomorrow, the disputed amount (or shall I call it the RE-disputed amount, since I thought this nonsense was taken care of long ago?) will go into an escrow account until everything is FINALLY resolved. Again. For good this time.

I'm so glad that the only thing I have to do between now and tomorrow morning, other than watch the Flyers game on TV , is go back to battling Round 2 of the Flu.

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