Monday, April 21, 2008

What the HEY?

I just got a call from the company that runs our prescription plan. They want me to change to a different acid reflux prescription.

Trouble is, I already TRIED the over-the-counter ones that they're suggesting and over-the-counter stuff didn't work for me. I tried a few over-the-counter options and nothing was strong enough. That's WHY I went to the doctor to get a prescription. If I could have taken care of it without a prescription, I would happily have done it. I don't even like going to the doctor when HAVE to, never mind when I don't have to.

But the doctor prescribed something for the acid reflux, and it works. My life can be described like this: Take med, get no symptoms that day. If I forget the med, I get symptoms. When I take med again, the symptoms go away again. So I'm thinking there's a direct connection there between taking the med and the not having symptoms.

So let me put it this way. I have a prescription that WORKS for me. It will be a cold day in the nether world before I change meds solely on the advice of some bean counter in some office of an insurance office. To heck with that.

When MY DOCTOR advises me to change a medication, or if a prescription no longer works for me and I have to change the dose or the medication itself, THEN I'll change what I'm doing. But I am not having my health-related decisions influenced by anything other than my own symptoms and/or my doctor's advice. PERIOD.

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