Saturday, January 10, 2004

WHEW! That song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" would be an appropriate choice for background music right now. Today was by far our coldest day of the season. How cold was it? Superman froze his S off ;o). Seriously, you know it's bad when you're able to refer to the temperature by local athlete's jersey numbers, and it's worse when said players wear numbers in the single digits. This morning at 9 AM, Mark looked at our indoor/outdoor thermometer and said, "It's Randy Jones's number out there", meaning it was 4 degrees. Several minutes later, he checked again and said, "Now it's up to Donovan McNabb's number", meaning the temperature had improved to a whopping 5 degrees. UGH.

This was NOT a good day to discover that we are out of hot chocolate. We'll have to rectify that the next time we go to the store.

The Phantoms/Sens album visits have finally started to level off. It's down to about 10 per hour (compared to a few HUNDRED per hour during most of the first two days). So far there have been 6505 hits in 12 days. But the hits haven't stopped coming in yet. For that matter, neither have the posts on some of the hockey-fight discussion boards where someone (not me) posted the link to the album in the first place. Yesterday, someone from ENGLAND posted that he'd seen a replay of Neil's jump on their local TV...! Good grief. No wonder hits are still coming through, just short of two weeks after the brawl game.

BTW, the Phantoms played in Binghamton tonight, and they WON, 2-1. So there. :o) Showing that we can top them on the scoreboard is more important than winning on the fight card, so I'm glad we showed them we're capable of doing both.

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