Thursday, January 15, 2004

Random thoughts... if the file for a company named BELLOFF is located next to the one for a company named BELLON, do they cancel each other out? I had to put files with those names next to one another this afternoon, and I was half afraid they'd negate one another and vanish in a flash of light the moment they made contact. ;o)

Here's another peculiar street name to go with "Sprain Valley Road" in NY. Apparently there is a CHAGRIN ROAD in Ohio. What the heck are people thinking when they come up with these names? Give me that optimistic intersection in Hammonton, NJ, where I used to work: Grand and Pleasant Streets. I'm not sure if a location can have a more upbeat name than that. :o)

It snowed overnight last night. Fortunately, it was only a few inches. It was flurrying when I left for work this morning, but that wasn't my worst problem. The fact that last night, apparently when I removed some bags from the passenger side of my car, I didn't quite close the door properly... THAT was my problem. When I got in my car this morning, I saw snow all over the front and back passenger seats, plus the floor nearest to the door. WHAT THE...?! I wound up brushing what seemed like a TON of snow out of the car. So much for my attempt to get on the road extra-early... sheesh! Next time I use the passenger door to unload stuff from the car, I'm certainly going to avoid making THAT mistake again.

Oh, and while I'm ranting about the weather... was there some sort of snowplow work stoppage this morning, in Philadelphia (PA) and Camden (NJ) counties? Because for the life of me, I can't understand why NOT ONE street that I drove on during my commute to work was plowed. Not a SINGLE one! If I used all side streets and back roads, I could understand it, but I use main streets/highways for the entire route. There's no excuse for the deplorable condition that the roads were in. Last time I drove to work in the snow, the weather was WORSE but the roads were better... go figure! Thank God my only near-misadventure, when I fishtailed while trying to turn onto Kings Highway, didn't end up in a collision of any sort.

I'm sure glad that the snow stopped early today, though. By the time I left work for home, the roads were definitely clear. Now the bad weather is all over but the high winds. Lovely... we should have some interesting snow drifts in the roads tomorrow morning. Is it spring yet?

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