Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Leave it to me to find ways to damage myself while working in an office. :o/

Yesterday, I was in the file room, returning correspondence files to their respective shelves. The shelves are basically like big metal bookshelves, except they have one feature that I haven't seen before. There are stowaway shelves on every other bookshelf fixture, kind of like the way some ergonomic desks have a hideaway shelf for the computer keyboard. One can extend these hidden shelves while one is working, and have a convenient place to set down the bunch of files that one has just retrieved, or that are about to be filed away.

I use these things all the time without mishap. Which was why I was caught by surprise yesterday morning when I pulled out the stowaway shelf, put a stack of items on it, and then went to file something underneath said stowaway shelf. In fact, the item belonged on the shelf nearest to the floor, so I had to bend way down to put it in place.

Accident-prone person that I am, can you guess what happened when I tried to stand up? WHAM! I whacked my head, good and hard, on the corner of the extended metal shelf. Doggone, did that ever hurt! I checked more than once, during the course of the next few minutes, to make absolutely sure I wasn't bleeding from anywhere. I know that even minor scalp wounds can make a holy mess, and I didn't want to leave the file room looking like a crime scene. I can definitely thank my guardian angel for the fact that I didn't need to visit an ER for stitches.

Suffice it to say that's ONE mistake I don't intend to make again any time soon! Sheesh, what a way to start the morning! :oP

Of course, why have only ONE mishap in a day, right? Or at least, that's what seemed to be my motto yesterday. I'm still not entirely clear just WHAT happened to my right thumb -- I think it's a combo of carpal-tunnel flareup, possibly having worn the wrist brace too tight for too long, and probably some other form of strain or sprain that I haven't seen happen before. But OOO, this morning was my right hand swollen! After ice and elevation, it's in better shape than it was, but the hand is still having a major pity-party for itself even now. PHOOEY on hand pain... anti-inflammatories, here I come!

I wonder if I can order a suit of armor online? ;o)

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