Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Boy, am I sad. Tug McGraw passed away yesterday. He was a favorite Phillie of mine, back when I was in high school, and seeing HIM throw the World-Series-winning pitch for us in 1980 made the win even more special. I tried to post about it last night, when the news broke, but the Blogger site was having Gremlins and I couldn't log in. Probably just as well... I was in a state of shock and goodness only knows if my comments were even coherent.

I'm so disappointed that he didn't beat the cancer completely. On the other hand, when he was first diagnosed in March, his original prognosis was three WEEKS. So for him to be with us for nine more months was a gift. I'm so glad he was able to witness this past season, get saluted by the fans every time he was able to attend a game at the Vet, and then cap everything by being able to take part in the closing ceremonies for Veteran's Stadium.

RIP, Tugger. You rock. You always will.

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