Sunday, January 04, 2004

Well, THAT was fun. The Phantoms won 3-2, and Kirby Law, who was our second star tonight with three assists, threw a T-shirt into the crowd that Al caught. :o)

The post-game interview with David Unkle was Kirk Furey. I swear, Unkle must be a search engine addict. He came up with a printout of a picture taken of Kirk while he was in college, when he had the part of Jesus in an Easter play. As Unkle was asking Kirk how much harassment he'd take from the rest of the team if they saw the photo, fellow Phantom Randy Jones interrupted by pilfering the printout from the table. LOL! But Randy's a good kid and returned the printout a few minutes later. Well... at least, he returned it after Unkle pointed out "Gee, Randy had better be sure that HE hasn't got any embarrassing pictures anywhere, because there are a lot of players on this team with photos online", and all that sort of thing. :o)

Anyway, it was very nice to see the Phantoms earn two points.

And the Phantoms/Sens brawl album has had 4771 visitors. See what I mean about having several visitors per hour, even though the furor has died down a lot from the first couple of days?

Also, I found an online video of Neil's "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERGOALIE!" leap into the fray. If you can view mpg files, then go visit Flying Goalie on Too bad the Phantoms had to take down the video clips of the fights that THEY had up on the team website... it seems the league Frowned Upon the clips. IMO, too darn bad, the league isn't trying to generate additional ticket sales. WE are. Personally, I think the league should have just looked the other way and just let the fans have access to the online video clips. Party poopers. I hope that a bunch of people who downloaded the clips during the short time they were available put them all up on their OWN websites where the league can't regulate it. So there.

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