Sunday, January 18, 2004

Today is starting off well (if you discount the leaky Spectrum ceiling causing the scoreboard to flake out once already during the first period).Today's Phantoms promo involved the distribution of light-up yo-yos, and everyone in attendance took part in the Guinness Book of World Record-breaking group yo-yo attempt. The previous record was held by a group of 400-something people in Ireland, and attendance today far surpasses that. So we spent two minutes yo-yoing our way into the record books. If you want autographs, just e-mail and ask. ;o)

The first period turned out well; Randy Jones scored on a GORGEOUS backhand against Norfolk goalie Mike Leighton, who has always been a MAJOR pain in the tail to play against. We were all mad that Chicago sent him back to the AHL, 'cause he's just too darn good.

Second period is starting now, so off I go.

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