Sunday, January 18, 2004

OK, one win down, and hopefully one to go. The Phantoms won 4-1, a really solid victory over a team and a goaltender that have given us FITS at times. The two points will do us good, because freakin' Hershey won last night and moved two points ahead of us in the standings. If the Bears don't play today, or if they don't WIN today, we'll move ahead of them again because we have more wins than they do, even if (at the moment) we have fewer points. We also have abour four games in hand over the Bears, and I hope we make 'em count by the time the season's over.

The team that's leading our division is Bridgeport, and they went on an insane unbeaten streak this year -- something like 20 games. So the goal our team set for itself was to be second in the division by the new year, and we made it with several games to spare. Now it's the Bears and Phantoms battling each other for second, but both of our teams are also quietly closing in on Bridgeport. I have a feeling it's going to take the whole rest of the season before the seedings are determined -- the top teams are all pretty solid, and nobody's yielding so much as an inch.

Anyway, as I was saying, one win down, and one to go. May the Phantoms send the good karma we had this afternoon over to our fellow team that's about to play a bit farther east on Pattison Avenue. GO EAGLES! :o)

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