Sunday, January 04, 2004

Oh, boy -- this will be one for the books. The Phantoms/Penguins game tonight was supposed to begin at 5 PM. However, Wilkes-Barre's bus broke down on the way here. The word that's making its way through the fan base is that the baby Pens' fan club's bus went to fetch the team.

There's a note on the scoreboard that reads, "Due to transportation problems, tonight's game is delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience". However, there is no indication of what time the game is actually set to begin. (Hence, here I sit in my seat writing a blog post. :o) ) As long as everyone makes it here in one piece, it'll all be fine. If the Pens' booster club really did send their bus out to bring the team the rest of the way here, the team had better be DARN glad that the fan club even HAD a bus. Wilkes-Barre is only about two hours away from here, which is close enough that some fan clubs might prefer to carpool rather than hire a bus.

If I get a more complete set of details as to what happened, I'll follow up with another post.

In the meantime, my Phantoms/Senators photo album is still getting several hits per hour, but the initial flurry (of a few HUNDRED hits per hour) calmed down after the first two days or so. It's now in its 7th day of existence, and I'm up to 4700 hits. (OK, it was 4699 the last I checked, but that was two hours ago. Surely there's been another hit by now. ;o) )

Go Phantoms!

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