Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Man! EXACTLY 6000 hits on the Brawls album. Not bad for an album that's about 90 minutes short of being 9 days old.

One of my newer duties at work is to assist in the file room for 2 hours every day. Thanks to that, I spend some of my time returning correspondence files to the shelves for both the Professional Liability department (where I work the rest of the day) and the casualty department. On several of the correspondence files for the casualty department, I noticed some handwriting on the cover page that reminded me of Karla's. So I asked her if she ever created files like these (also known as "cutouts"), and she said no.

Had I not already found out from her that she doesn't create these files, yesterday morning would have been the dead giveaway that the person whose handwriting resembles Karla's is, in fact, somebody else. To make a long story short, there is NO way I'd expect to see Karla leave a mispelling like "Bethal" for what should have been Bethel uncorrected. I fixed the cover page myself and resolved to double-check EVERY document that looks like it might just have an error in the name. Fortunately, mistakes like that are extremely uncommon, because if something got mis-filed because its name was spelled wrong, the chances are slim that the file would be located again if it was needed for some reason.

And now... have a look at this itty bitty .gif file of Neil's (in)famous leap into the fray!

You know what this film clip needs? The sound effect of a bowling ball rolling and knocking down pins. That's what it needs. :o)

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