Friday, January 09, 2004

OK, today's "Say what?" award goes to two names I saw in the final two submissions that I entered into the computer system this afternoon.

First of all, one of the signatures on the application whose information I was entering into the system belonged to a person named, and I am not making this up, "Glorious Lee". There was no mistaking what the name was, as the person both printed AND wrote their name on the appropriate places on the form. WHAT parents would voluntarily do that to their kid? Do they not think of what it will be like to go through their life with a cutesy or highly uncommon name like that? You couldn't pay me enough to give my child a pun for a name. (And if Mr. or Ms. Lee ever googles their own name and sees this post, well, no offense. But my parents, who favored the name Angela, changed their minds and named me something else when they realized that "Angela" was a BAD match with the surname "Gabriel". So I know whereof I speak.)

The other peculiar name I encountered was the location of the business that had sent in the application. They were on Sprain Valley Road in Scarsdale, NY. Talk about a bad combination of names! Sprain Valley Road in SCARSdale? Geesh! That sounds like a dangerous place to live, if you ask me! Who the heck would use the word "Sprain" in a street name, anyway? Sprain Valley Road... What's the cross street called? Fall-down-the-steps Lane? Trip-over-a-shoelace Terrace? Contusion Court? The list could be endless... and it doesn't sound like an ideal place for those of us who are accident-prone. ;o)

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