Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Wish me luck, I heard from yet another temp agency today. I have an interview in the morning for a possible three-month assignment. If that goes well, my name will be submitted (along with names of other candidates) and the company where the assignment is will call the people it wants for a second interview. If THAT works out, I will have what sounds like a pretty interesting assignment for three months, beginning September 1. The company that needs workers is redesigning their website and they need people who can help enter data, including using some light HTML.

This works for me on several levels. One, I can do the job. (That's always a good prerequisite, isn't it? Being qualified? lol). Two, it will enhance some skills that I already have, in particular using Excel and HTML, which would serve to bolster my resume. Three, the location is Center City and that's a plus. So wish me luck, and I'll provide updates as things move along (I hope!).

At the moment, I am enamored of my new toy. I am going through the contents of The Literature Network. Oooo, so many classics that I don't own, but would like to read! Mixed in with works that I *have* already read and would like to read again! Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories... you name it, you'll find it. Check it out and enjoy!

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