Saturday, July 19, 2003

Hello, all! I'm home. I got in late on Friday night and MAN, am I tired! I woke about 9 AM when I heard Mark moving around, and I even heard the mail arrive so I went and retrieved that... then I lay down on the sofa and didn't wake up again until 2 PM. Now THAT'S tired!

I have got a ton of photos to upload -- I filled four 128MB memory sticks with photographs and am most of the way through a fifth one. I am also about halfway through the writing of the blog -- every day I made brief notes of significant events, and I am in the process of taking those notes and rendering them into complete English sentences. I have decided that I won't post the full summary until I have everything uploaded, so look for the AADB recap within the next few days.

I hope everyone had a great week. I certainly did, although I'm gonna need another week to recover from it. ;o) Later!

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