Wednesday, July 09, 2003

OK, the ICDA Mass photo album has been created. The Mass took place at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul on July 3, 2003. Some of the pics might need a bit of explanation. Because this Mass was for a Deaf congregation, and the ability to follow the proceedings visually is a requirement for the congregation to participate fully, there were video cameras hooked up to several large-screen televisions set up at various points in the Cathedral. That way, no matter where you were standing or how tall the people in front of you were, you would still be able to have a view of what was happening at the altar and in the sanctuary.

My friend Joe J is deaf-blind, and because he uses tactile sign language (where the other person signs into his hands) or tactile fingerspelling (if you've seen the movie The Miracle Worker, you've seen an example of tactile fingerspelling) to communicate, it means he needs his own interpreter who can sign directly to him. There will be plenty of pictures showing these sorts of interpreting by the time I come back from AADB. However, I'm including these shots now to give a preview, for anyone who hasn't seen these things before, of what AADB will look like.

Now I have to upload the pictures from the tours that Mark, Hat Trick :o), and I went on, on Monday 7/7 and Tuesday7/8.

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