Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well, I had the interview. Things seemed to go OK. I hate to sound unenthused, but I've come home from interviews before thinking, "YEAH! I just NAILED that thing!", only to learn later that there's been a hiring freeze, someone was promoted from within the company, etc. So, no matter how well I might *think* something went, I'll only BELIEVE it went well if I get a call back. I should know within a few days if my name will be submitted for a second interview.

My only issue with this was something that cropped up during the Excel test. For some reason, leading zeroes were not appearing when I entered the ZIP codes of the addresses in the data entry test. For example, the ZIP code "05398" was just showing up as "5398", dropping off the leading zero. I was Not Happy about it, and took a few minutes trying to fix the problem. Well, since the test was only 20 minutes long, it left me with that much less time to actually ENTER data. Grrrrrr....

In any event, I think I entered what I *did* get into the system accurately. It's just that I'd have been able to put more data in during the freaking test if I hadn't stopped to try and oust that vanishing-leading-zero Gremlin.

Now we'll see if my results met their standard well enough to be sent along to the client company. I want to say "I hope so", but I've nearly stricken the phrase "I hope" from my vocabulary, where employment-related issues are concerned. I'm so sick of having my hopes dashed, that my attitude now is "I'll do my best and what happens, happens. If nothing happens, I'm no worse off than I was before."

P.S. I described the leading-zero issue to Mark, and he showed me how to get them to show. He said that entering a single-quote (') prior to the number with the leading zero will result in the leading zero not being truncated. I'll have to try that the next time I'm using a machine with Excel on it.

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