Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I'm still working on making the time-zone adjustment. Last night -- or should I say, this morning -- I didn't fall asleep until after 5 AM. Tomorrow, I'm getting up early no matter WHAT the heck time I fall asleep! Maybe what I need is a few days of early rising to reset my internal clock.

I also think I have a pinched nerve. I suspect I did this to myself on Friday, the travel-home day from AADB, because of all the acrobatics we have to go through while transporting heavy luggage. (The lack of an elevator in my dorm, and the need to bring a very large suitcase down a flight-and-a-half of stairs, probably didn't help matters.) SOMEthing is sure affecting my right arm, to the point where numbness travels from my shoulder all the way down to my hand, and into the thumb and first two fingers. (For whatever reason, the OTHER two fingers feel normal.) Sometimes if I massage the right side of my neck or the top of my shoulder, the numb feeling dissipates almost immediately. I'm taking anti-inflammatories daily until the symptoms abate, and completely avoiding sleeping on my right side (which is almost guaranteed to trigger symptoms). I think it's time I head for a chiropractor while I'm at it. I just want this to go away on its own, and not become a chronic condition.

Tonight is the first PPPC regular meeting that I'll be taking minutes for. I'll definitely be bringing the tape recorder to supplement whatever written notes I take.

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