Tuesday, July 01, 2003

There's a wee update on the Photo Log. Too bad Frank V. said he can't come to AADB this year. If he were going, I'd be able to get an even clearer photo of him to compare with the one of Bernie Parent.

For those who haven't met him, Jay's friend Frank V. is one of the deaf SSPs (Support Service Providers, or interpeter/guides) who has volunteered at AADB for at least the past two conventions. Actually, I'm pretty sure that he wasn't at prior conventions that I've attended; given his striking resemblance to my all-time favorite Flyer, I'd SURELY have noticed his presence from the moment I set eyes on him.

Those here who aren't familiar with Jay will be reading his name again before long, as he's one of the deaf-blind delegates from this area who's travelling with our group to the AADB convention.

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