Wednesday, July 29, 2015

West Goshen Country Fair

The annual West Goshen Country Fair is in progress this week. Normally, we would go on the Saturday night of the event, but this year some of us have other plans for that night. So some of us headed out to the fair last night.

Their menu is a little bit less varied on a weeknight. They didn't have the pulled pork that I normally get, and apparently their fried chicken dinner isn't available on weeknights, either. Oh, well. But they still have the nirvana-inducing sweet corn on the cob, and they still have the UNBELIEVABLE fresh donuts, of which I got a dozen to take home. I haven't eaten any of them yet, but judging from the crumbs I found on the table, I think Mark has been at the donuts, lol. That's OK -- that's why I got a dozen. I know he likes them, too.

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