Tuesday, July 07, 2015

More Day 3

As we close out Monday night, Mark's phone is still glitched. It's possible that the problem was caused when <i>Samsung</i> pushed out an update, rather than Google. Mark has his tablet with him, so he was in online chat with a Samsung rep for a while this afternoon, but still no joy. Stay tuned.

In other news, Baxter the Smiley has provided us with his latest Smile of the Day.

His crate is in the master bedroom, and he has decided that he likes the master bed much better than his own, lol. He situated himself under the covers, btw -- he didn't need any help getting all comfy. :)

As I believe I mentioned in the previous post, Mark and I rented a two-seater surrey bike and rode the full length of the boardwalk up and back. In Willdwood Crest, we paused for a selfie.

No selfie stick this time, lol.

After the biking was when Mark visited the Verizon store, where they had no luck in reviving the phone, at which point he came home and engaged in the online chat, via tablet, with the Samsung rep. No luck so far. Maybe he should let me swear at it in Italian for a while. That's what I do when I'm fixing tech issues, and it usually works. ;)

But anyway, Mark decided to leave the tech woes behind for a while and we headed to the beach. This time, we went to the beach that's closest to where we're staying, rather than the dog beach. We're alternating between the dog beach and the humans-only beach, since sometimes Baxter gets overstimulated around so many strangers and dogs... he alternates between relaxing with us and even sleeping, and getting wound up and barky if a dog or a person gets too close. So I figure that it's best to give him a break between beach visits instead of making him go there daily.

Then came dinner. We went in search of a sit-down restaurant that was near Gateway 26, which is where Bernie Parent was appearing; we decided on Captain Jack's, from which we could SEE Gateway 26. :) They make great crab cakes!

And then, of course, the highlight of the day: Bernie! :)

He is doing signings every Monday to raise funds for a charity that helps homeless people. I love the fact that my childhood hero is just a flat-out nice human being. :) How happy does that make me? 

At the end of the day, we tallied up a lot of walking. The Moves app registered both walking and cycling, but it mistook a lot of the latter for the former... We slowed down frequently due to pedestrians on the boardwalk, and I think the app decided that we were walking, lol. 

And now, Baxter's disposition matches mine...

So good night!

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