Monday, July 06, 2015

Verdict from the Verizon Store, Day 3

The guy in the Verizon store told Mark that he thinks the S6 crash was the result of Google trying to push out an update (Android 5.2) that crashed. The phone still insists on being in Lock Mode, and neither Mark nor the Verizon guy could get past it. Mr. Verizon gave Mark the number for Samsung, because (surprise, surprise) they couldn't get through while Mark was at the Verizon store. I have a feeling that there's a slew of glitched handsets today and people are calling Samsung en masse.

Stay tuned.

I will text Larry and Judy (BIL and SIL, whose house we're renting) that if they can't get through to us on Mark's phone, they should use my phone.

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