Monday, July 06, 2015

Sunday Adventures, Day 2

For Sunday's first adventure, we took Baxter to the dog beach. It's a couple blocks from where we're staying, so we just walked on over with our chairs and new beach umbrella. We kept Baxter on the leash the entire time, which IIRC is the rule on that beach anyway. He was very well-behaved, but he did get barky if other dogs got too close to us. He also got barky at one little kid who kind of stomped up to him, despite his parents' warnings not to bother the dog. So I apologized for the dog's outburst, and the parents apologized for their son's insigating and upsetting the dog.

Then we came back to the house, cleaned up, ate dinner in, and went back out to the boardwalk. I wanted to walk the entire length of the boardwalk, so this is how we did it. First, we walked from here to the north end of the boardwalk, which is in North Wildwood. Then, we took the tram south from its starting point there to its end point in Wildwood Crest. Then,we started walking north again, stopping in stores and on piers along the way. We took some rides, too.

Watch the tram car, please! 'Cause we're on it!

The northbound tram.

We had to take this photo. Because bluetooth selfie stick. I also pretended to fence with another selfie-stick-wielding photographer. En garde!

Waiting to board the Giant Wheel.

The view from the top of the Giant Wheel.

And the distance I walked today.

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