Monday, July 06, 2015

Productive Morning, Day 3

You know you're having a productive day when you have burned nearly 600 calories, and biked 4 miles, all before noon! It's my goal to make this into a vacation where I have a bunch of physical activity to go with all the relaxing (and eating of ice cream, lol). I figure if I walk/bike/skate (that's for later in the week) enough, I can afford to have that ice cream at the end of the day. So far, so good on that score.

There's only one glitch so far today, but for Mark, it's a biggie. He woke up to find that his Galaxy S6 phone refused to power on. I used my iPhone to search for answers, and discovered that the S6 as well as the S6 Edge will occasionally whack out and refuse to turn on. The solution is to hold down all four buttons at once (Volume + and -, Power, and Home). But the person cautioned that the menu that's supposed to come up, includes the option to erase the phone completely. They said to use the Volume +/- buttons to move through the menu to select whatever it is, either Power On or Restart (I forget).

So Mark held down all four buttons. The good news: it powered on. The bad news: he thinks he may have held the buttons TOO long, because the phone promptly ERASED ITSELF. Arrrrrgh! So we decided to give the phone some time to get its act together, and went on our bike ride with a slightly later start than we'd originally anticipated. We rented a two-seater surry from a nearby bike rental (of which there are bazillions, all over the place... you are most assuredly going to be within walking distance of at least one bike place if you are staying in any part of any of The Wildwoods).

We did our biking, and rode the complete length of the boardwalk, up and back, plus riding to and from the boardwalk from the rental shop. That's approximately 4 miles, total. When we got back to the house, the phone was still fouled up. Fortunately, there is a Verizon store within close proximity, right there on the boardwalk. So Mark took a walk over there with his phone.

I'm just hanging out at the house with Baxter and rehydrating. I never did check my email when I got up this morning, because I was focused on getting ready and getting out to go biking.

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