Sunday, July 26, 2015


I'm working with my deaf-blind friend and his mom on Fridays. Last evening, after sunset, we and another friend sat out in the back yard, because the weather was lovely.

While we were there, we were treated to an aerobatic show from some bats. Yes, bats, plural. This wasn't something that my friend's mom had ever seen before, and they've lived in that home since the 60s. You learn something new every day, right?

You know what else I learned? That when you have bats having a feeding frenzy above your head, there are probably freaking MOSQUITOES all over the freaking place. This morning, I woke up to find that I'd been bitten to within an inch of my life, most likely because we were sitting out there attracting mosquitoes for the bats to eat.

Next time I see bats, I'm heading inside to spray on some bug repellant!

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