Friday, July 03, 2015

Urgent Message to the Feline World Order: Send Backup At Once!

Dear Feline World Order (FWO),

Today turned out to be the day when our treacherous hoomin staff hauled Agent Stanley and me out for the annual Interrogation By Veterinarian. Immediately upon our arrival, I attempted to secure the use of the computer, for the purpose of sending a message to the FWO Mothership, urgently requesting backup. To my frustration, the computer is password-protected.

The plethora of error messages all over the screen are not, repeat, NOT the result of my falling asleep on the keyboard. No sir, not me. It's caused by my repeated efforts to contact the FWOzzzzzzz.

While I continued to attempt to establish a link with the FWO, Agent Stanley was subjected to interrogation. He bravely endured the Temperature Probe inserted you-know-where, as well as a Ray Bees shot. I was not aware that bees had gained access to laser rays. I must research that further at my earliest opportunity, as we certainly could have used those lasers today!

Finally, I gave up on making use of that computer. Instead, I cleverly concealed myself and attempted to send the FWO a text message.

Regrettably, I was not able to contact the FWO in time to request reinforcements, and so I, too, was subjected to the Temperature Probe and the Ray Bees shot. I withstood this maltreatment with the valor befitting my status as a senior FWO operative.

Evidently, Agent Stanley and I are to be incarcerated on the Veterinarian's premises for the next few days, while the hoominz and their canine flunky visit a place known as DownaShore. Perhaps I shall be able to use this time advantageously, to gather all available data regarding bee lasers.

Respectfully submitted,

Agent Captain

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