Tuesday, July 07, 2015

On the way to Cape Maaaaaay.... Day 4

Mark has always wanted to see the Cape May Lighthouse in operation. While the light is illuminated 24/7, it can't be seen during the day, so we timed our jaunt to pay the lighthouse a visit after dark. As  we were approaching Cape May itself, the sun was going down.

But we missed a turn onto Lighthouse Avenue, largely because the sign is well back from the intersection, as well as being the size of a Splenda packet. So we wound up at Sunset Beach. 

I was wondering if the mysterious thing sticking out of the water is part of the wreckage of the S. S. Atlantus. 

There's a gift shop close by, so we bought some items and asked for directions to the lighthouse. We were close enough to throw a rock and hit it. By the time we finished in the gift shop, the sky had darkened enough for us to see its light. So a few minutes later, there we were. 

Mark said the light can be seen for 26 miles. 

Next time, we will take a day trip instead, as it's open for tours then. 

Today's mileage isn't as impressive as the last few days' efforts, but hey -- vacations should include SOME relaxing, right? :) 


Karla Ruksys said...

Yes that is what remains of the Atlantus. If you had gotten to Sunset Beach before sunset, you would have seen the flag ceremony.

Donna said...

We must have just missed that, as the sun was setting while we were trying to find the lighthouse. We happened upon Sunset Beach more by accident than anything else. Next year, it's on my to-do list as a destination to visit on purpose, rather than by happenstance. :)