Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Kitties and Musings, Day 4

The vet called while we were at the beach. Captain and Stanley's bloodwork results are in. Stanley's were 100% perfect, across the board. Captain's numbers were just a bit off on a few values, which could be caused by the dental disease he's definitely experiencing. He'll have another tooth out, as well as having his teeth cleaned, on Thursday morning. After that, they want us to bring him back for a recheck in 4 to 6 weeks.

They also found some evidence of crystals in the urine, so they'd like us to change to a new prescription food called "Metabolic Urinary" (instead of the one called "Metabolic" for which we have a prescription). If that's what it takes to prevent crystals, and avoid a blockage, then so be it.

The Royal Felines are loving their stay in Camp Cat, according to the vet, as they are getting all sorts of attention. I figured they would. They love being doted upon, and the people who work there love to dote on cats. It's a good fit. :)

At the beach, I realized a few things. The ocean has been so clear here that when the waves break, you can actually SEE that the water is full of sunlight. I love looking at it. I have also realized that I have a great fascination with watching baby clams dig themselves into the sand. There are a LOT of baby clams in the water, and as soon as the waves stop pushing them inland or pulling them out to sea, they dig into the sand and disappear. And I figured out where the tidal pool was preparing to form... today, we arrived at the beach while the tide was still pretty high. When I went for my daily walk in the water, I was surprised when the water suddenly started getting *shallower* instead of deeper as I kept moving forward. Aha... so THAT'S why there have been huge puddles of seawater on the beach, running many yards across. There's a subtle sandbar there. Last year, we saw some tiny fish in the tidal pool, because Mother Nature doesn't avoid the parts of the shore where people swim. There are fish in the water, but we just don't notice them/can't see them. Today, I didn't spot any fishies in the part of the water that was soon to become separated from the ocean.

Mark wants to see the Cape May Lighthouse at night, so we're going to try to time our visit so that it'll be after dark.

Edit to add: I found out two things last night, after Mark offered to get me a foot massage on the boardwalk. First, anyone who has traveled with me in the past two years has seen that I get monstrous foot pain when I am on my feet for too long... after the foot massage, I was astonished to find that 99.9% of the foot pain was GONE. Holy cow. Is THAT all it takes to knock out foot pain? SIGN ME UP. I wish I'd known the solution was that easy last October, when I was in Florida and my feet were murdering me. Well, at least I know NOW and can apply that solution as needed.

And the second thing is, now I know what happens when a ticklish person gets a foot massage. Realize, in the massage place, they had low lights and soothing music playing. People were all relaxed and at least one or two looked like they were dozing off as they got worked on. So I didn't want to make any abrupt noises that would jar everyone's sensibilities. But I couldn't stop laughing under my breath. This made the lady doing the massage start laughing under HER breath. Mark was watching from the other side of the room, and I'm sure HE was laughing under HIS breath. So if you want to have multiple people all laughing to themselves, get the most ticklish one of them a foot massage, and watch the (quiet) hilarity ensue.

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