Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strike: Day 7

We've settled into the new routine whereby Mark leaves unmercifully early for work, but comes home at the normal time. He and the rest of the non-union management employees will be working ten-hour days for the duration of the strike.

I need to ask him if they're still providing bagels for the people who are working extra hours. He brought a few of those home last week, and doggone, they were good!

I'm looking forward to seeing Edie come and visit later this week. She'll be staying with JJ and his mom for about a week. I'm sure she'll have her hearing dog with her. It'll be nice to see pretty Sari, too. What a great dog!

I have officially watched all of the first 7 Harry Potter movies online, as of Saturday. So I'm ready to see #8. I'm hoping to see that happen this week.

I have a major case of HWS (Hockey Withdrawal Syndrome). Training camp's not until next month. Ugh. I hate the offseason.

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