Thursday, August 11, 2011

Continuing Education

Lately, I just can't shake the idea that I'd like to go back to school and pick up a few more programming languages.

I was a programmer/analyst for over 15 years. But most of the languages I've used in the process are in very limited use (or perhaps I should say "in limited demand") these days. Go on the job sites and look for programming openings, and you're likely to see a requirement for at least one programming language that I've never used.

So I can't stop wondering if there's a way to reconcile my experience and knowledge with the current nature of the IT field, and the only answer I can see is to learn some of the newer programming languages that are out there now.

I'm printing out info on the computer courses that are available at the community college where I studied ASL interpreting. They seem to have courses in some of the computer languages I'm looking to learn. Once I get a good look at the courses they're offering, I'll have a word with someone from their admissions office, and see if they're willing to have a former computer professional, who's already got a degree, come in and pick and choose which courses I take.

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