Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I finally figured out how to get titles to display on these posts! Not bad for someone whose limited knowledge of HTML code is entirely self-taught. I had to manually add the code, since at the time Blogger created this blog template, they didn't have the option to show titles.

In other words, I put my insomnia to constructive use. Go, me.

Good night. Or should I say morning. Whatever.


Donna said...

Testing a tweak to my comments code. I figured that if I was going to fix the issue with the post titles, I might as well go all-out and fix the comments while I'm at it.

Donna said...

Been wanting to read this and finally did. I'd laugh, except it's alarming and sad.

The other day, I got a check from Konica Minolta and the reference was the check # we had sent them for payment. They hadn't known where to apply the payment, so they cashed the check and then issued a check.

I was peeved. To do that took a hell of lot more time and effort than to pick up the damn phone and call for the application info. One of customers regularly forgets to attach his remit-to and every month I have to eml him to get it. Annoying, but all in a day's work.

I sent the check back with a note. Obviously, I used business decorum in my response, but I did let them know I felt strongly about them contacting me instead of issuing a check back.