Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Well, THAT was interesting. And I mean that in the sense of the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times".

I was resting on the loveseat when the shaking started. Having experienced an earth tremor before, the one that was epicentered in Plattsburgh, NY in about 2002, I recognized the sensation immediately as another quake. It wasn't too strong at first, so I wasn't troubled.

Then it got stronger. The crystals on the lamp and the chandelier started to clink together. The china closet started rattling. As the noise level grew, I got less placid.

The shaking turned itself up a few more notches. Louder clinking and rattling. The whole chandelier was now moving. OK, this wasn't funny anymore. Row houses in PA are not designed to be earthquake-resistant, not by any stretch of a vivid imagination. I went and stood in the front doorway. Fortunately, that's when the shaking wound down and eventually became undetectable. (Though the chandelier kept swinging for a bit afterward.)

Captain and Stanley, who'd been parked in the front window, hid. But before long, Stanley came out of hiding and started following me around the house. Everywhere I went, Stanley was about four inches behind me. Mini wasn't too pleased about the quake while it was happening, but she forgot all about it the moment it ended. There's something to be said in favor of "living in the 'now'", let me tell you.

All in all, I could've done without that jolt of adrenaline. I hope the house doesn't decide to do the Mummer's Strut again for a long time. How do people in earthquake-prone areas put up with this? Sheesh.

In other news, today, Mark returned to a regular work schedule. The striking workers agreed to return to work, sans contract, and work while the negotiations for the new contract continue.

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