Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strike: Day 3

Mark's company got their court injunction overnight last night, to prevent strikers from blocking the doors. The original injunction was overturned by the union, as the union wanted to have separate injunctions for each location. The replacement injunction was available as of about midnight last night, but of course there were no picketers at that hour to read it to. They did, however, get to tell the picketers the new rules when they arrived on Tuesday morning.

God bless Mark for being able to function at the hour he's leaving the house. I'd be an absolute zombie. Heck, I remember when I had to catch the subway before 6 AM for that Fort Washington temp job. I was just awake enough to drive to the Park & Ride lot, totter to the subway station, and wield the TransPass. I loved that job, but wow, that schedule was PAINFUL.

Using that Park & Ride did have a few side benefits, though. First of all, it only cost $1/day. You can't beat that with a stick. Then, I was able to park right next to the Spectrum exit when it was a Phantoms game night. It was nice to be able to walk out the door and be *right at* my car, especially on nights when it was bitter cold.

But I digress. We got some good news about Mark's altered work schedule. He might not have to work a six-day week; however, that could change at any moment. For now, I think the prospect of an actual two-day weekend will be pretty appealing for him after working these 12-hour days. Downtime is good.

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