Thursday, August 11, 2011

Figured out how to post my Twitter feed to the blog

You may already have noticed that my most recent post to Twitter is displayed at the top left of the blog. But I've figured out how to use to post ALL my Twitter posts to the body of the blog itself.

That ought to prevent days-long gaps between posts from happening here from now on, which is something that I've been trying to resolve for a while. So don't be surprised at the brief little blurbs that will show up without a title from time to time. The little drive-by postings are the ones that come from Twitter.

In other news, I'm waiting on the call from JEJ's mom to determine if I'm going to be able to work today. They had some errands to run, including one to a wheelchair-repair place to correct an issue with the brakes being too loose. I told her to check and see how JEJ feels when they get home from all the errand-running. After all, yesterday his headache didn't kick in full force until after he'd had some activity during the day. I don't trust that @(#*$&@#($ headache to stay away today, not unless he gets home from today's errands and still feels OK.

I wish I could stamp out chronic pain. I can attest, by the number of people who are always waiting in the headache pain center when we're there, that he's far from the only one who deals with this hellish symptom. There's even some artwork on the walls that was created by headache patients, depicting what their pain is like. I can empathize with some of those pictures, thanks to the migraines I've dealt with at times (though they're rare now, thank God). I feel terrible for him and everyone else who's living with this issue on a regular basis.

Edit: I just got the call. No dice on that whole "feeling OK" thing. :-( We'll try again tomorrow. Bleep chronic massive headaches, no matter what the cause.

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